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About Us

Hello fellow fur-friends and humans!

pupstyle-about-usWe’re a pair of pups from Melbourne, Australia who got a bit fed-up with our humans dressing us in garish bright colours and embarrassing patterns before taking us out in public. How were our pupper friends supposed to take us seriously when we looked like walking pizzas/hot-dogs/tacos/neon lights (honestly, humans, would you ever wear clothes with spaghetti or pancakes all over them? On second thought, don’t answer that.)

Through some research, we realised we weren’t the only puppers in the world with this problem. In fact, we found pups all over the world who were so eager for someone to fix the issue. 

Well, we said ‘no more!’ We infiltrated the neighbourhood networks, passing messages along the pupper pipeline (and our silly humans thought we were barking at nothing), and we soon realised we weren’t the only dogs with this problem. In fact, we found pups all over the world who were desperate for fashionable pup-wear. 

At PUPSTYLE, we are passionate about designing comfortable and functional dog products that meet the style needs of the modern lifestyle.