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Licking your humans when they get out of the shower... what's up with that?!


Let us pups explain it to you in our own terms with a little backup from science because we know you like that hard-answer stuff.

As soon as we’re born, our fur-mummy’s show us instant love by licking us free from our amniotic sac and cleaning us up.

We’re born with our eyes closed, and they stay closed for 1-2 weeks post-birth, so we’re very receptive to what we can feel. Our fur-mummy’s lick us clean after we feed, wee and poop and this is all we know before we leave for our forever homes with our humans. It’s the first sign of love and affection we receive and we learn very quickly that it’s how we show our own love and affection right back.

When our humans get out of the shower, we need to lick them dry because letting them stay wet isn’t good for their fur or their health.

It’s our natural instinct, because we oh-so-love-them! And you know how they show the love back to us? By spoiling us with the world's best dog accessories!

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  • This is awesome info…I just thought my dachshund Winnie was crazy.. hope she doesn’t expect me to lick her fur! I just keep buying her cool accessories.

    Cassandra Breed

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